Death Mattel

DAN 1368 Lyrics


Flags and Churches

I got a lecture from this guy I know.
He likes the subject and he wasn’t there that long ago.

Come back Tito, Tito, come back. Tito.
And No one’s taking sides tonight.

They’re lighting candles and they’re burning churches
They’re blaming many gods for many murders

Come back Tito, Tito, come back. Tito.
And No one’s taking sides tonight.
Forgive them author, for they know not what they do.

No one bears judgement well.
Especially when given the option of hell.
Make mine a neat shot of caster oil.
I’d rather eat humble pie than live a delusional lie.

I’m mentally noting, that years of vain hoping.
Have lead to elections that No one can vote in.
Empires fall to promise, of a wrath soon upon us.
But this ‘wrath’ we’re expecting, is threatening to wait for me in an after life.

Open palms are extended for services rendered.
Rewards calculated in murdered and hated.
The doctrine assures us, with fine print and clauses.
We have rites, we are right. They have rites they are wrong

The kings of our species are no less the chess pieces
On a deity’s game board still just as ignored
As the nations of starving, with the world powers laughing and considered all righteous. No 1 god could right this.
There are too many voices and too many choices.
The New Christianity

Touché a rich man cried, to day the same man denied ever having cried touché but I was there and heard him loud and clear.
Today Enola Gay was given life again as it carried conquering troops beneath a crossed sword new frontier.
Marines and Special Forces are just doing what they’re told. It’s no ones fault that Islam won’t be kept for future generations
Touché a rich man cried those fortunate to survive will be treated to a new beast like unwanted inoculations  
Open wide say R
Open wide say R
The New Christianity

Our future is a shade of red. Our children are ashamed of us.
We’ve learned nothing from the sins of all our histories murderous cunts.

Our Future is a shade of red.
Our children will pay.
The New Christianity
Us vs Us

Idle conversation with a stranger and I learn that she’s a bible fan.
While ever we can talk it out. I’m sure we’ll find some common ground.
So you think you want a nuclear war. To help thin out the clutter.
I’m sure we tried that once before and I’m not sure we’re not the clutter.

At a Take Away counter one lunch. That’s where I learned that ‘Them’ use ‘US’
We are almost the same but we still fall short.

We degenerate by generation of factions and fractions.
Disinformation like glass fragments in a babies meal about the folks beyond the fence

On a cliff face on Christmas Eve I thought this view is all I’ve got to leave.
Almost and nearly won’t do. I’ll still fall short.


So you say you are a bible fan. I’ve skimmed it and I loved it in parts
I’m not as desperate to have swallowed it all. But it’s a safe place to start.

Don’t you have an opinion? Don’t you have an opinion baby?

Bombs go off in Madrid BANG! BANG! “How’s this T shirt”
“It’s Friday night and I’m on IT.” “Check the ink”
“My mate runs the joint he can get us ON.” “Drugs and drink”
Now bombs go off much closer. BANG! BANG “What the fuck was that?” BANG!

Do I have an opinion? Am I worth my space?
Yeah I have an opinion just not today.

Your name is on a guest list and you that that this is validation.
No amount of ink could ever make you colourful.
You are unwitting, White bread. You’re flat. Underexposed and failing.
I take little comfort in the pity I have for you. I hate your very being.

Do I have an opinion? Am I worth my space?
Yeah I have an opinion just not today.
Why don’t you have an opinion?
If it’s down to opinion then that’s mine.
There is the sun it's out, A symbol of warmth and happiness. Your shopping is done, your rent is paid.
The air is filled with foreign cooking smells, delicious. You’re free